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Bank of America CD Rates Update

It has been a while since we here at Highest CD Rates Info took our last look at Bank of America CD Rates.  So, we decided it was time to update our research on CD rates at Bank of America.  We were a bit surprised with what we found. *Editor’s Note: this is an older […]

Discover Bank CD Rates

Although almost everyone knows about Discover credit cards, most people don’t know of the wide variety of other banking services provided by Discover Bank.  So, most folks would not think to consider Discover Bank CD rates when searching for the highest CD rates.  We recently took a look at CD rates at Discover Bank, and […]

CD Rates at Wachovia Bank

It has been a while since we last reviewed Wachovia Bank CD rates — and a lot has happened since that time.  While Wachovia has merged with Wells Fargo, Wachovia is still operating under the name “Wachovia” and has different rates from Wells Fargo.  Therefore, we here at Highest CD Rates Info thought it was […]