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Citibank Current CD Rates

Our last Citibank CD rates update showed that the bank has some pretty good numbers still.  Given the popularity of this large bank with our readers here at Highest CD Rates Info, we are endeavoring to keep up with their changes.  So here are the latest updates in Citi CD rates. *Editor’s Note: this is […]

US Bank CD Rates Update

It’s once again time to review US Bank CD rates here at Highest CD Rates Info.  The last time we looked at US Bank certificate of deposit rates, they had some very competitive special offers.  They still have those offers, though the rates have changed since we last looked at them. *Editor’s Note: this is […]

Highest Current CD Rates

Here are updates for you on the highest current CD rates available nationally right now.  Our continuing mission here at Highest CD Rates Info is to bring you this information quickly so you can judge where best to store your money in today’s market. 1 Year Term The highest current certificate of deposit rates in […]

Wells Fargo CD Rates Update

It’s time once again to update you on Wells Fargo CD rates since there have been a few changes since the last time we looked at them.  Our job here at Highest CD Rates Info is to keep you up to date, so here we go! *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we […]

First Choice Bank CD Rates

As we look at more local banks here at Highest CD Rates Info, we turn to First Choice Bank CD rates, located in New Jersey.  This bank offers some competitive CD rates in New Jersey for those interested in a more local account to deposit their investments. *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and […]

Hanmi Bank CD Rates

If you live in California, you likely know who Hanmi Bank is.  The rest of the country probably hasn’t, however, so we here at Highest CD Rates Info would like to show you this interesting Korean-American bank.  CD rates in California are competitive and Hanmi Bank now offers online CD accounts to get great Hanmi […]

Danversbank CD Rates

This is the first time we’ve covered Danversbank CD rates here at Highest CD Rates Info, so we’d like to introduce you to this nice little bank in Massachusetts.  While they are a full-service local bank, they are also online with most of their services available to anyone in the nation as well. Danversbank certificate […]

Countrywide CD Rates

We realized here at Highest CD Rates Info that it’s been a little while since we last reviewed current Countrywide Bank CD rates.  So we took a look at them.  Of course, Countrywide Bank is now owned by Bank of America, but operates separately and has different rates than BofA. The minimum opening deposit for […]