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Why People Choose Certificates of Deposit

One of the most popular financial products is the certificate of deposit, or CD. These financial products are popular because they provide s certain amount of safety, combined with slightly higher returns than savers might otherwise see. It is important to carefully consider CDs, and the reasons that you want to use them as part […]

FirstBank CD Rates February 2011 Update

This is the first update for the year by Highest CD Rates on one of Colorado’s most popular financial institutions,  FirstBank CD rates. This bank was founded in 1963 on the principals of making their customers experience convenient, comfortable, safe and friendly service while at the bank. The FirstBank certificate of deposit rates are in […]

First Tennessee Bank CD Rates February 2011 Update

This is the first visit by Highest CD Rates to the First Tennessee Bank CD rates of the year. This is a local bank with its headquarters based in Memphis Tennessee. Recently it has become a subsidiary of First Horizon National Corporation. This bank was originally named the First National Bank of Memphis and opened […]

First Niagara Bank CD Rates February 2011 Update

For the first time this year Highest CD Rates is visiting First Niagara Bank CD rates for an update. They have also recently moved their headquarters from Lockport to downtown Buffalo, New York. At the present time the First Niagara Bank certificate of deposit rates are mostly only available at the branch offices or by […]

First Midwest Bank CD Rates February 2011 Update

This is the first visit to the First Midwest Bank CD rates of the year by Highest CD Rates. A few things have changed since we last visited. This is a community bank that continues to grow. The latest acquisition is the Palos Bank and Trust. With them on board, First Midwest Bank now has […]

First Choice Bank CD Rates February 2011 Update

The people at Highest CD Rates are happy in returning to Lawrence, New Jersey so we can revisit the First Choice Bank CD rates for the first time this year. When they opened their doors in 2007, they were the first community bank to do so in nearly 20 years. Today, they have 5 branch […]

Tax Time: When Do You Have to File a Schedule B?

One of the important things to remember about income from CD interest is that you have to pay taxes on it. You pay taxes on CD interest in the year it is paid to you. So, if you end up receiving interest (whether it is paid directly into your CD account or you get a […]

Fifth Third Bank CD Rates February 2011 Update

The Fifth Third Bank CD rates are from one of the largest financial establishments in the Midwest. This update on their current CD rates is a service being provided by the people at Highest CD Rates. *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we have recently updated our research about current Fifth Third CD […]