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AIG Bank CD Rates December 2012 Update

In this AIG Bank CD rates December 2012 Update we at Highest CD Rates are going to be discussing the recent changes that have occurred at this financial institution. These changes include both the increase in several of the short term CD rates along with decreases in the longer term CD rates. The current CD […]

AIG Bank CD Rates June 2012 Update

Today at Highest CD Rates, we find it necessary to update the AIG Bank CD rates. This update was prompted by the recent changes to the AIG Bank certificate of deposit rates that have occurred. Since our last visit, the reduction in the APYs that some of the terms were earning have been reduced by […]

AIG Bank CD Rates

This is an AIG Bank CD rates review by Highest CD Rates. This will allow you to make a more informed decision when deciding on this investment strategy. AIG was formed as an online bank in 2000 to better serve their customers. The current CD rates being offered include the 6 month CD is earning […]