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AmTrust Bank CD Rates May 2011 Update

These are the latest AmTrust Bank CD rates update being provided by your friends at Highest CD Rates. This bank is now under the guidance of the New York Community Bank. This AmTrust Bank serves the residents of Arizona, Florida and those living outside those states via the internet while the residents of Ohio use […]

Am Trust Bank CD Rates January 2011 Update

This update on the current Am Trust Bank CD rates is provided by your friends at Highest CD Rates. This financial institution is another example of how the FDIC, and its system, works. In December of 2009, this bank was closed by the FDIC. All of the deposits were covered by the federal government and […]

Am Trust Bank CD Rates November 2010 Updates

From Highest CD Rates, we present the Am Trust Bank CD rates for November 2010. These rates are from a bank that is a division of the New York Community Bank, which has 68 total branch offices. This financial institution has been serving their community and their customers for over 150 years. *Editor’s Note: this […]

AmTrust Bank CD Rates Update

Here at Highest CD Rates Info, we continue to strive to bring you the latest and best information on certificate of deposit rates at your favorite institution.  Cleveland, Ohio-based AmTrust Bank is a premier financial institution that offers a number of savings accounts. Amtrust Bank CD rates depend on a number of factors including financial […]

AmTrust Bank CD Rates

Here at Highest CD Rates Info, we try to keep you up to date on the latest at the nation’s favorite banks for certificate of deposits. Today, we’re going to give you an update on Amtrust Bank CD rates. *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we have recently updated our research about current […]

AmTrust CD Rates

We haven’t looked at available AmTrust certificate of deposit rates in some time, so we here at Highest CD Rates Info wanted to look at them again and bring you the latest. We have seen some changes nationally and some smaller banks such as AmTrust are showing those different rates more so than some others. […]

AmTrust Bank CD Rates

AmTrust Bank offers a national online banking business, and also has over 60 branches in several states.  Highest CD Rates Info recently reviewed AmTrust Bank CD rates to see how they compare to the other CD interest rates that are being offered these days.  We had high hopes, as we had previously heard that AmTrust […]