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Ascencia Bank CD Rates June 2013 Update

This Ascencia Bank CD rates June, 2013 update by Highest CD Rates is being done to help inform the public about the changes that have occurred at this financial institution since the last time we visited them. ┬áThese changes include the reductions in the APYs the short term CD were earning by as much as […]

Ascencia Bank CD Rates January 2013 Update

In this first Ascencia Bank CD rates January 2013 Update of the year by Highest CD Rates we have to report a few changes that have occurred since our last visit. The changes that occurred include an increase in the 6 month CD rate but a reduction in the remaining of the CD terms being […]

Ascencia Bank CD Rates July 2012 Update

To at Highest CD Rates, we are revisiting the Ascencia Bank CD Rates. This is necessary since there have been changes to the rates since our last visit. A few of the terms have seen an increase while others have been decreased. This financial institution is based out of Louisville, Kentucky, but you can access […]

Ascencia Bank CD Rates

The Ascencia Bank CD rates are a new addition to the banks Highest CD Rates is covering. This financial institution is a division of PBI Bank. They are bases out of Louisville, Kentucky and opened their doors in 1999. PBI is in reference to Porter Bancorp Inc that was formed in 1996 by 6 separate […]