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How to Find the Money for a CD Ladder

If you are going to maximize your savings rate with a CD, it can help to know what kind of strategy you will employ. There are a number of CD strategies you can use to improve your yield rates, and boost your earnings. One of the most popular strategies, of course, is the CD ladder. […]

Create a CD Ladder with Supplemental Income

One of the tools that many people find useful is the CD ladder. A CD ladder allows you to get regular access to your money, as well as helps you take advantage of rising interest rates. When you get a CD, you are locking in a rate of return. With a CD ladder, you have […]

3 Reasons to Consider a CD Ladder

There are a number of things to consider about CDs before you purchase them. You have a variety of options as well, from jumbo CDs, to CDs with longer terms, to IRA CDs. While it can be tempting to simply put your money in a CD and let it sit there, it is important to […]