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Centennial Bank CD Rates January 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates is this Centennial Bank CD rates January 2013 Update. This update is being done because of the recent changes that have occurred at this financial institution. Since our last visit the CD rates that are short term at this bank have been increased by as much as 0.20% in the APY […]

Centennial Bank CD Rates July 2012 Update

The Centennial Bank CD Rates are the subject of today from Highest CD Rates. This has become necessary since there have been many changes to the advertised CD rates being offered by this bank. The Centennial Bank certificate of deposit rates have seen a reduction from 0.30% to 0.45% in the APYs they were earning. […]

Centennial Bank CD Rates

These Centennial Bank CD rates are a new addition to the information Highest CD Rates is now providing. This financial institution first opened their door in 1979 in Fountain Valley, California. The current CD rates include the 1 year CD that is earning APY of 0.50%. The 2 year CD is earning an APY of […]