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Citibank CD Rates June 2014 Update

With this Citibank CD rates June, 2014 update from Highest CD Rates the latest offers from this financial giant are listed for you to review. At this time the standard CD rates along with the CitiGold International Rates, the International Personal Banking Rates and the Global Executive Banking Rates are all identical when referring to […]

Citibank CD Rates December 2013 Update

From one of the oldest and most established financial institution in the nation is this Citibank CD rates December, 2013 update from Highest CD Rates.  They were founded and are still located in New York City but with their online services, customers can conduct their banking business from any point in the world. The current CD […]

Citibank CD Rates July 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates an Citibank CD rates July, 2013 update is being presented.  The leading reason for this update is to reflect on the recent reduction in many of the CD rates being offered to the American public by this financial; giant. The current CD rates include the 3 month CD that is earning […]

Citibank CD Rates January 2013 Update

This Citibank CD rates January, 2013 Update is being done by Highest CD Rates to help inform the public about the recent changes that have occurred. These changes include the reduction in many of the CD rates being offered. The reductions are from 0.05% to 0.20% in the APYs the CDs were earning. The current […]

Citibank CD Rates July 2012 Update

Today Highest CD Rates is visiting the Citibank CD Rates. This has become necessary because of the changes that have occurred at this financial institution since our last review. The CD rates have seen a reduction of 0.15% to 0.21% in the APYs they were earning customers. The current CD rates include the 3 month […]

Citibank CD Rates April 2012 Update

The Citibank CD rates are from the bank the Highest CD Rates are concentrating on today. This bank was founded in 1812, and has grown to become the third largest bank holding company in the nation. Since our last visit a few months ago, there have been no further reductions in the returns of the […]

CitiBank CD Rates November 2011 Update

Today CitiBank CD rates is the focus of Highest CD Rates. Following the national trend the CitiBank certificate of deposit rates have seen a decrease since our last visit. The amount of decrease is from 0.05% to 0.24%. All of these CD rates are well below the national average for the terms they represent. The […]

Citibank CD Rates August 2011 Update

Today the people at Highest CD Rates are providing the Citibank CD rates. Following in the national trend at this time, the Citibank certificate of deposit rates have been lowered since the last time we updated them. With the current administration refusing to allow the interest rates to increase until after the 2012 elections, better […]