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Doral Bank CD Rates September 2014 Update

This Doral Bank CD rates September, 2014 update from Highest CD Rates will cover all 4 areas in which this financial institution covers. Each one has their own set of rates for their local community and one for anyone by using the internet banking portal they offer. This includes the Puerto Rico, Florida and New […]

Doral Bank CD Rates December 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates is this Doral Bank CD rates December, 2013 update to close out the year. There are three separate sets of rates that are dependent on where you live. There are the online rates for all American citizens and residents thru DoralDirect. There are also the Florida and New York CD rates available […]

Doral Bank CD Rates July 2013 Update

This Doral Bank CD rates July, 2013 update from Highest CD Rates is a bag of mixed goods. The NY branch has had an increase in their CD rates across the board while most of the online Doral Direct CDs have been lowered. The leading difference between these two is that only NY residences can […]

Doral Bank CD Rates February 2013 Update

This Doral Bank CD rates February, 2013 Update by Highest CD Rates is providing good news to the investors of America. Since our last visit, the CD rates from the NY branch office have seen an increase.  This increase is up to 0.95% in the APYs the CDs were earning. A few of the CD […]

Doral Bank CD Rates August 2012 Update

The Doral Bank CD rates are the focus by Highest CD Rates in today’s report. Since our last visit to this financial institution, the CD rates have been reduced. The amount of reduction is 0.05% in many of the terms being offered the American public. The Doral Bank certificate of deposit rates are set up […]

Doral Bank CD Rates

Today Highest CD Rates is reporting on the Doral Bank CD rates. This is a bank that is the US Territory of Puerto Rico. Because they are considered part of the US, all deposits are protected by the FDIC. The best Doral Bank certificate of deposit rates are from their online branch called Doral Bank […]