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First Bank CD Rates January 2014 Update

This informative First Bank CD rates¬†January, 2014 update from Highest CD Rates is providing information on the latest changes that have occurred since we last visited them. These changes include a reduction in the interest rates of all the terms listed below and offered by this financial institution. Today there is a tiered set up […]

First Bank CD Rates August 2013 Update

In this First Bank CD rates August, 2013 update from Highest CD Rates about this Colorado based financial institution is information on what they are currently offering the American public. They can be contacted online or at one of the 115 branch offices in Colorado, Arizona or California. You will notice that the FirstBank certificate […]

FirstBank CD Rates February 2013 Update

This FirstBank CD rates February, 2013 update by Highest CD Rates is being conducted to reveal the latest set of reductions. The amounts of reductions in the APYs the CD are now earning are up to 0.20%. The FirstBank certificate of deposit rates are set up in a tiered format with the lowest level being […]

FirstBank CD Rates August 2012 Update

In this FirstBank CD rates update from Highest CD Rates, we will cover the changes that have occurred at this financial institution. There has been a reduction in the CD rates from FirstBank since our last visit. The amount of reduction is from 0.05% to 0.10% on then APYs the CDs were earning. The FirstBank […]

FirstBank CD Rates April 2012 Update

Today, the FirstBank CD rates is the focus of Highest CD Rates. This is a financial institution that was founded in 1963, and has today expanded to over 125 branch offices in Colorado, California, and Arizona. Since our last visit at the end of the previous year, the longer term CD rates from FirstBank have […]

FirstBank CD Rates December 2011 Update

Today the FirstBank CD rates are being updates by Highest CD Rates. Since our last visit in September, the FirstBank certificate of deposit rates have remained constant. This is just another indicator that many analysts feel the bottom is near and the CD rates will soon begin to rise once again. These CDs are setup […]

FirstBank CD Rates September 2011 Update

As Highest CD Rates visits the FirstBank CD rates it was observed that the return on your investment with this conservative style of investment has been reduced since our last visit. This is not something exclusive to this financial institution but common for most across America. Unfortunately these CD rates were all nearly cut in […]

FirstBank CD Rates June 2011 Update

The FirstBank CD rates are being brought to you today by the people at Highest CD Rates. This type of update is constant so the most current data concerning the rates and what terms are being offered are friendly available to you in an easy to find format. The FirstBank certificate of deposit rates are […]