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RBC Bank CD Rates March 2014 Update

This RBC Bank CD rates March, 2014 update by Highest CD Rates is about our friends north of the border. The following offers are available for both American and Canadian citizens. Since the last time we visited this financial institution, the CD rates for terms of 3 year and greater have seen significant increases. The […]

RBC Bank CD Rates October 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates is this RBC Bank CD rates October, 2013 update. While their headquarters are located in Canada, there are branches of their business is available to Americans only and have insured deposits by the FDIC. Since our last visit, the CD rates have seen a slight increase in the APYs they are […]

RBC CD Rates April 2013 Update

In this RBC CD rates April, 2013 update from Highest CD Rates are the opportunities you have in investing with a financial institution that is based north of the border. Both Americans and Canadians can place their money in this safe and conservative style of investment that is insured up to $250,000 USD by the […]

RBC CD Rates November 2012 Update

Today the RBC CD rates are being updated by Highest CD Rates. This is a Canadian based bank with branch offices in America. Both American and Canadian citizens can use this financial institution for their banking needs. The 6 month CD is earning an APY of 0.10%. The 1 year CD is earning an APY […]

RBC Bank CD Rates May 2012 Update

The subject of today‚Äôs review by Highest CD Rates are the RBC Bank CD rates. There have been several changes since our last visit. The biggest change is that this bank has been taken over by PNC Bank but at this time is still operating under its own name. The 6 month CD is earning […]

RBC Bank CD Rates January 2012 Update

Today the RBC Bank CD rates are the focus from Highest CD Rates. This financial institution does not openly advertise all of their CD rates. They do show two RBC Bank certificate of deposit rates on the banks website. Since our last visit just a few months ago the 30 month CD has seen a […]

RBC Bank CD Rates October 2011 Update

The RBC Bank CD rates have followed the national trend of going down since the last time Highest CD Rates visited their homepage. The reducing in the term that was present during the last two visits was the 30 month CD. It saw a reduction in its return on investment of 0.35% APY. The number […]

RBC Bank CD Rates July 2011 Update

Today the people at Highest CD Rates proudly present the RBC Bank CD rates from our northern neighbor. They handle accounts for both Americans and Canadians in the US Banking industry. The special RBC Bank certificate of deposit rates are available to those customers that also have a RBC Bank personal checking account that is […]