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Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates March 2014 Update

This Sallie Mae Bank CD rates March, 2014 update is being brought to you by your friends at Highest CD Rates.  As mentioned before this financial institution was planning on splitting into two different parts. It has been announced that the educational loan portion of Sallie Mae Bank will now be organized under the name […]

Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates October 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates is this Sallie Mae Bank CD rates October, 2013 update.  This financial institution was originally only a government sponsored student loan organization but went into the retail banking sector a few years ago. It was announced earlier this year that they will split these two areas of business in the near […]

Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates April 2013 Update

In this Sallie Mae Bank CD rates April, 2013 update, by Highest CD Rates will reflect the latest changes that have occurred at this financial institution since our last visit.  The most notable of these changes include the reduction in the CD rates for the terms of 1 and 3 years. The current bank rates […]

Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates November 2012 Update

Today from Highest CD Rates is a report on the recent changes to the Sallie Mae Bank CD rates. These changes include some good news for the American investor. Since our last visit, the 1 year CD has seen the APY it was earning increase by 0.15%. The current bank rates from this financial institution […]

Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates

The Sallie Mae Bank CD rates are today’s focus by Highest CD Rates. This is the same financial institution that many Americans had, or have, a student loan with so they could attend college. In 2005, they became a Utah state chartered bank. They are affiliated with Sallie Mae, Inc. The Sallie Mae Bank certificate […]