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Virtual Bank CD Rates April 2014 Update

Included in this Virtual Bank CD rates April, 2014 update from Highest CD Rates is a list of the recent changes that have occurred. Since the last time we visited this financial institution, the 1 and 5 year CDs along with the 18 month term have seen an increase in the APY they are now […]

Virtual Bank CD Rates November 2013 Update

From Highest CD Rates is this Virtual Bank CD rates November, 2013 update. The reason for this update is there have been increases in APY the CDs with terms of 2 years or more are now earning. These CD account are available to any US citizen or legal resident. The current CD rates from Virtual […]

Virtual Bank CD Rates May 2013 Update

In this Virtual Bank CD rates May, 2013 update from Highest CD Rates are many of the changes that have occurred since our last visit to them. The most important of these changes include the reduction in the APYs many of the terms have experienced. The current CD rates from Virtual Bank include the 1 […]

Virtual Bank CD Rates December 2012 Update

This Virtual Bank CD rates December 2012 Update is being provided by Highest CD Rates. This review is being conducted because of the recent changes that have occurred at this bank since our last visit. The changes include both reductions and increases in the APYs many of the CD terms are earning. The current CD […]

Virtual Bank CD Rates June 2012 Update

This is a Virtual Bank CD Rates that has been a long time coming from Highest CD Rates. Back in April of 2011, this bank was closed by regulators. The parent company, Lydian Private Bank, has now been taken over by Sabadell United Bank. Their headquarters is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The current CD […]

Current Virtual Bank CD Rates

Here at Highest CD Rates Info, we like to keep updated on the latest and today we’re going to show you the best CD rates available at Virtual Bank right now as we continue our quest for the highest CD rates. Virtual Bank is a premier financial institution that offers a number of investment options. […]

Virtual Bank CD Rates

We haven’t looked at Virtual Bank CD rates in a little while here at Highest CD Rates Info, so we thought we should give them another look to bring you up to date. Virtual Bank offers some of the best cd rates in the financial market. The company offers a diverse range of CD interest […]

VirtualBank CD Rates

VirtualBank is an FDIC-insured federally chartered bank based in Florida, and is a division of Lydian Private Bank.  A financial institution rating service has classified Lydian Private Bank as “Well-Capitalized”, the highest capital classification rating available.  We had heard that VirtualBank CD rates were among the highest CD rates currently available, so we thought we […]