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Wachovia Bank CD Rates February 2012 Update

This is the last Wachovia Bank CD rates update by Highest CD Rates. It has been some time since Wells Fargo took a controlling interest of Wachovia, but they allowed it to remain as a separate entity. That has now ended. Below are the Wells Fargo CD rates that have replaced the Wachovia rates for […]

Wachovia Bank CD Rates October 2011 Update

The Wachovia Bank CD rates are the subject of this review from Highest CD Rates today. It was observed that the APY’s being earned by the different terms went up in some instances and down for other terms. This inconsistency by the Wachovia Bank certificate of deposit rates requires the investor to be aware of […]

Wachovia Bank CD Rates July 2011 Update

The Wachovia Bank CD rates is the subject today by Highest CD Rates. This is a Wells Fargo company and backed by the traditions of that famous financial institution. While technically this is true, the Wachovia brand is still strong but Wells Fargo has not changed the name on the front of any of the […]

Wachovia Bank CD Rates April 2011 Update

Today the Highest CD Rates presents the Wachovia Bank CD rates. While this financial institution was purchased by Wells Fargo in 2010, it is maintained its independent status and has not been absorbed in whole by them. This has allowed for the 103 year old business to keep its reputation and customers. *Editor’s Note: this […]

Wachovia Bank CD Rates January 2011 Update

We at Highest CD Rates are revisiting the Wachovia Bank CD rates to help keep you updated on the changes that have occurred. Since March of 2010, Wachovia has become a Wells Fargo company, but is still operating as an independent branch of that financial giant. *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we […]

Current Wachovia CD Rates

Here at Highest CD Rates Info, we are always looking to see where the best offers and rates are located. We hadn’t looked at Wachovia CD Rates for a while, so we thought we’d update you on them today. *Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we have recently updated our research about current […]

Wachovia CD Rates Update

We first wrote about Wachovia CD Rates last summer, and we have occasionally checked back in with them since that time.  Therefore, Highest CD Rates thought we would take another look at Wachovia CD Rates to see how they are shaping up now that Wachovia has been acquired by WellsFargo. *Editor’s Note: this is an […]

CD Rates at Wachovia Bank

It has been a while since we last reviewed Wachovia Bank CD rates — and a lot has happened since that time.  While Wachovia has merged with Wells Fargo, Wachovia is still operating under the name “Wachovia” and has different rates from Wells Fargo.  Therefore, we here at Highest CD Rates Info thought it was […]