First Choice Bank CD Rates

As we look at more local banks here at Highest CD Rates Info, we turn to First Choice Bank CD rates, located in New Jersey.  This bank offers some competitive CD rates in New Jersey for those interested in a more local account to deposit their investments.

*Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we have recently updated our research about current First Choice CD Rates.  For our latest article on First Choice Certificate of Deposit Rates, please see the following page: First Choice CD Rates

All First Choice CD rates require a $1,000 deposit to open and have terms ranging from 3 months to 60 months.  They aren’t running any specials for highest CD rates right now, but First Choice Bank certificate of deposit rates are locally competitive.  They are expressed here in annual percentage yield (APY).

Here are the current First Choice Bank CD rates for short-term accounts:

  • 3 month term: 0.85% APY
  • 6 month term: 1.15% APY
  • 12 month term: 1.65% APY

For mid-term accounts, First Choice CD rates are:

  • 18 month term: 1.75% APY
  • 24 month term: 1.86% APY
  • 36 month term: 2.15% APY

For longer-term accounts, First Choice Bank CD rates are:

  • 48 month term: 2.25% APY
  • 60 month term: 2.61% APY

These are some of the better CD rates in New Jersey right now and are definitely worth considering if you prefer localized banking.  All First Choice Bank accounts are FDIC insured to the fullest extent of the law.

If you like any of these First Choice Bank certificate of deposit rates, make sure to lock yours in now as the highest CD rates tend to change quickly.

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