ING Certificate of Deposit Rates

When we last reviewed ING CD Rates, CD interest rates were certainly at a much higher point.  So, it is time for us here at Highest CD Rates Info to take another look at ING Bank CD rates to see how they are holding up in this market of decreasing interest rates.

*Editor’s Note: this is an older article, and we have recently updated our research about current ING CD Rates.  For our latest article on ING Certificate of Deposit Rates, please see the following page: ING CD Rates

Once again, we will look at the two basics kinds of ING Certificate of Deposit rates: ING Orange CD rates for consumers; and ING Direct Business CD rates.

  • ING Direct Orange CDs: ING gives consumers a several CDs to choose from, with many different terms. Right now, the highest CD rate for these certificates of deposit is an an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 2.00 percent for the ING 48 month CD and the ING 60 month CD.
  • ING Business CDs: ING also provides business CDs with several different terms to its business customers. In the past ING business CDs have had different rates than the ING Orange CDs.  However, currently the highest CD rates for ING business CDs are the same as the Orange CDs — that is, an of 2.00 percent for the 48 month CD and the 60 month CD.

So, while rates have gotten lower at all banks in the last six months, CDs are a fairly low-risk investment.  Be sure to see the ING online banking web site to see the current CD rates at ING Direct, as interest rates change quickly and can vary by location.

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